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Our region needs strong leadership in Washington to fight for resources to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and get our country back on its feet.

Right now, workers and small business owners are struggling and in need of federal relief. That is why I have advocated and voted for ongoing support, including extending critical unemployment benefits and financial resources for small businesses during this pandemic.

Additionally, too many Americans lack access to the internet, and there is now a greater urgency than ever to close the digital divide. I have fought for and introduced legislation to expand broadband access – so that our students can engage in distance learning, and individuals can telework, obtain telehealth care and access other critical services to participate in everyday life.

My time in Congress has been dedicated to fighting for our community – particularly our veterans and the Delta – the lifeblood of our region. I am proud to have secured funding for the new VA clinic now under construction in San Joaquin County, and just as I fought against the tunnels, I will keep pushing to build a sustainable water future for Californians.

Every day that I serve the people of California’s 9th Congressional District is a privilege. I will continue delivering results that strengthen our local economy, keep our children safe and healthy, protect Medicare and Social Security, and ensure a clean environment for future generations.

Fighting for our Veterans

The men and women who have fought for our nation deserve a representative who will fight for them in Washington. That’s why I pushed to secure the site and funding to bring a VA clinic to our area, wrote the law that requires the VA to improve care for veterans with traumatic brain injuries, and have written legislation to help veterans start and maintain successful businesses. Our veterans have sacrificed for our country, and I will keep working to ensure they receive the benefits they have earned.

Strengthening our Economy

Creating jobs and growing our local economy is a top priority for me. This goes hand-in-hand with fighting for a financial system that benefits all Americans - not just the wealthy and big corporations. Our region needs more economic opportunities, which is why I’ve introduced legislation to support small businesses, help retrain workers and fight the outsourcing of American jobs.

Building a Sustainable Future

The climate crisis is one of the greatest threats of our lifetime. In California, we see its effects as wildfires create a new smoke-filled norm while raging across the state. Since coming to Congress, I have secured funds to invest in scientific research to fight climate change, and I have championed legislation to reduce carbon emissions. I am also a fierce protector of the Delta – introducing comprehensive, forward-thinking legislation to build a sustainable water future for our state.

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