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The race will be decided by whether or not Congressman Jerry McNerney’s positive message of historic achievements in Washington and current issues reaches appropriate targeted likely voters. Voters' should determine that McNerney has fought and delivered for our families for 16 years.

Mr. McNerney led a cross-sector, cross-government coalition of local and regional leaders against the Delta Tunnels to ensure our water is protected and not diverted to Southern California. He worked with regional Members of Congress, state and local officials and groups to prevent the tunnels against three governors.

Mr. McNerney secured over $400 million dollars in federal funding for the Stockton VA Clinic’s construction, and design and held the VA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers accountable to be on time and on budget. He led the charge against the Trump Administration to ensure the project employed local hires at prevailing wages. This is Mr. McNerney’s signature project.

He led the charge for over 16 years and was the only elected official in the region to make major strides to fight for veterans and win.

He secured over $275 million dollars in COVID rescue dollars for Stockton Unified School District (SUSD) to ensure diversity and prevent quality teachers and staff from being laid off thereby providing our students with the best possible education.

Jerry McNerney secured over $2.75 billion federal dollars through the Digital Equity Act to close the digital divide, so our students and seniors have equal access to the internet.

Secured hundreds of millions of dollars of rescue dollars for our cities and counties

Brought millions of dollars home for womens and youth shelters, groundwater storage, District Attorney youth programs, the Youth Challenge program, senior centers renovations, new local clinics, highway and interchange upgrades around the district, major investments in the Port of Stockton and much more.

McNerney has consistently stood strong for women’s reproductive rights.

Jerry McNerney helped kickstart the Valley Link Project by allocating millions of dollars for design and construction which will connect San Joaquin County to BART and ease our residents' commute to work over the Altamont. 


Carlos Villapudua is Corporate America’s handpicked man in the Assembly who they can count on to carry their demands against the interests of our community.

Carlos Villapudua and his associates are credit grabbers for projects they had nothing to do with and pandered to veterans. 

Carlos Villapudua has been repeatedly backed by major oil companies and taken thousands in contributions and millions of their dollars in campaign assistance. Mr. McNerney will tackle the impending climate crisis by taking a common sense approach by expeditiously phasing in a mix of cleaner energy adaptations, such as the use of hydrogen, solar, wind, geothermal and nuclear. McNerney will fight to turn California into a fusion energy hub creating jobs and clean energy. Mr McNerney also believes our society must embrace the use of carbon capture facilities and lead the nation in carbon farming. Mr. Villapudua’s policies ignore the peril of climate change. 

Carlos Villapudua has retained a major Republican operative as his Chief of Staff and campaign manager who has a long record of defrauding Democrats.

Carlos Villapudua is a politician who has always put himself first while siding with corporations and raising prices on you and costing your family more.

Real people from the district have been conned and abused by Carlos Villapudua and close confidants. A record of serving himself over his constituents can be found among former staff, local Latino leaders, family and former business associates, online in social media.

Latino voters need to see a message of major validators in the Latino community in California. Some messages will need to be translated for voter ease.

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