For seven years, the Republicans have done everything they could to make the ACA fail. But in states that have embraced the ACA, such as California, the ACA has been a big success. Since the Republican health care legislation has failed, the Republican Party will continue to do everything it can to make the ACA fail. There is a better way. Work across party lines to improve the ACA. If Republicans really hate the ACA as much as they say, then they should be willing to make improvements. One of the most conservative Republicans from the Freedom Caucus told me during last week’s debate that what the Republicans were trying to do was nonsensical, and that they should either completely repeal the ACA or work with Democrats to improve it. Introducing a scaled back plan that would not work was not a viable option. During that same week, a very moderate Republican told me that if only 20 Democrats joined moderate Republicans to introduce legislation, we could break the power of the Freedom Caucus. Perhaps. But the real test would be if the moderate Republicans could offer legislation that 20 Democrats could support.