President Trump managed to deliver an address on Tuesday night to a joint session of congress that avoided outrageous accusations or rants, and was therefore considered a big success by his supporters. The bottom line is that Trump’s speech laid out no new policies, and just reiterated his campaign promises to make his base feel good. The speech did not allay concerns about Trump and his inner team’s connection to the Russians, and it included an array of promises that would be difficult or impossible for even the most competent administration to accomplish.

The truth is that America is the greatest nation on earth and always has room for improvement. Unfortunately, Trump’s proposals, such as reducing spending for diplomacy, science, the environment, and education so that he can spend more on the military, will not make us better or stronger, but will weaken our economy and national security.

The people of this country who cherish our liberties and the hard-fought benefits of clean air and water, a well-regulated free enterprise system, and believe that the Constitution must be followed, will continue to jealously guard against any effort by Trump or his administration to undermine these magnificent achievements, and will rally together to stand up for the things in which we so deeply believe.

– Jerry