Press Release: Jerry McNerney Endorsed by Veterans’ Vision

September 2, 2015


Based on His Extensive Record of Support for Our Nation’s Veterans,
National Veterans Group Endorses Rep. Jerry McNerney for Re-Election in California’s Ninth District


Michael Cavaiola, Jerry McNerney for Congress
[email protected]

Falls Church, VA—The long-established national VETERANS’ VISION publication put its hard-earned credibility behind Congressman Jerry McNerney today, fighting in support of his re-election in California’s 9th District.

“We fully support the dedicated efforts of the Congressman. He has proven himself a valuable ally to American Veterans everywhere.” Benjamin Peoples, Political Editor at The VETERANS’ VISION commented on the endorsement, “Jerry McNerney not only pledges his support for those who have served, he follows through on that promise. Just look at his record.”

Rep. Jerry McNerney has sponsored several bills focused on solving a wide range of veterans’ issues. Most recently, he introduced a bill to expedite the construction of VA medical facilities to provide improved access to care for soldiers returning home. He also coauthored a bipartisan bill to prevent veteran suicides by ensuring access to high quality mental health care.

His work in support of the California National Guard Youth Challenge Program has given young people the opportunity and the skills to succeed within their communities and later in life. He also incentivized local police agencies to hire veterans as officers by making federal funding available through the Veterans Involved in Police Services (VIPS) Act.

“I’m proud to have earned the endorsement of Veterans Vision, a group whose mission is focused on the well-being of those who have served our nation,” said Rep. McNerney. “I share their commitment to putting our veterans first and making sure they get access to the high-quality health care and benefits they’ve earned.”

In affirming the tenets of the Veterans’ Bill of Rights (VBOR), Rep. McNerney acknowledges that 1) Veterans are a top priority; 2) He supports the drastic reduction of the wait times on disability claims in the VA; 3) The VA ought to negotiate for its procurement services; and finally, 4) The VA should fill out all possible insurance claims owed to it.

The VA has been lax in collecting on all of its procurement and insurance claims—actions that have greatly contributed to the nation’s staggering deficit. Congressional oversight of the VA is a powerful tool that can benefit our veterans. If Congress would simply compel the VA to do its job, the money generated from the uncollected insurance claims could be used to open roughly 200 new health care clinics for veterans in areas over 200 miles from the nearest VA hospital. The money collected could also provide veterans 300,000 dental procedures, facilities for 20,000 homeless veterans, and a myriad of other services.

“Congressman McNerney has demonstrated his commitment to veterans both in California and across America,” said VETERANS’ VISION Communications Coordinator Raul Herrera.

Herrera went on to describe the endorsement process, “We had trouble making contact with the Congressman’s opponent, Tony Amador’s campaign. We never received a statement in support of veterans, and Mr. Amador never affirmed the VBOR. Jerry McNerney is the obvious choice, and we are very proud to endorse him for re-election in California’s 9th District.”

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