Labor Day

September 5, 2016

With August behind us and Congress getting ready to reconvene after Labor Day, I thought I would outline some of my legislative priorities for the remaining months of the year.

  • Producing positive legislation to help make California and the western states more water sustainable.
  • Develop consensus climate change legislation with fellow members who have made climate change legislative proposals this Congress.
  • Continue to promote and educate fellow members on the bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Congressional Caucus that I’ve co-founded.
  • Work on crime legislation, and other long-term legislative goals.
  • Continue to be a voice for the Middle Class and protecting the American workers.

And with the recent news on the spread of the Zika virus, it is important that we take a step forward to ensure our nation is protected, and have the means to eradicate the virus.

Lastly, I will continue my efforts to develop relations with moderate Republicans who do not share the ideology and tactics of the Freedom Caucus.

So, as we celebrate Labor Day, we should think about how to build on the progress we have made as a nation, not weaken our federal government through partisanship. Americans have worked over the past two and half centuries to make our nation a prosperous country. Let’s honor that achievement today and every day by continuing to work hard to insure that future generations have the same or improved benefits we have enjoyed in our lives.