EconomyI raised my three kids in California, and my family experienced periods of economic difficulty.  I was a renewable energy engineer and small business owner, and I had to take out a second mortgage to afford my kids’ college education.  I know what it’s like when times are tough, and nothing is more important to me than creating jobs in California and growing our local economy.

Small Business Initiatives

I voted for tax cuts to help small businesses grow.

Small businesses are the engine that drives the American economy, and my experience makes me committed to helping small businesses in our area succeed.  I helped to pass a law that provides tax relief to companies that hire new workers, and I voted for tax cuts to help small businesses grow.


I’ve helped lead the charge to crack down on outsourcing.

I’m upset by how many good American jobs have gone overseas in recent years, and I’ve helped lead the charge to crack down on outsourcing.  I introduced a bill called the Stop Outsourcing and Create American Jobs Act to get tough on companies that ship our jobs abroad.  My bill closes tax loopholes used by big corporations to send jobs overseas and gives preferences in government contracts to companies that hire workers here at home.

Creating Jobs

Times are still tough, and we have a lot more work ahead of us on the economy.  Creating jobs in our area is one of my top priorities, and I’ll keep doing everything I can to give small businesses the tools to succeed and to stop the outsourcing of good American jobs.  One local example is SolarCity, a company that opened in Stockton, creating nearly 80 new jobs.

Making sure solar and new energy technology companies grow and are attracted to our area is one way I am helping create jobs in the 9th District.