We’re only three months away from the primary election in California, and my challengers are just like the Republican Presidential candidates – they want to move our country backward instead of forward.  As your voice in Congress, I fight for you every day, to build a better future for all of us. I know a

It’s hard to believe that it’s already December. It has been a very busy year for everyone I know, balancing work, family life, and all the activities that fill out lives. I’m encouraged by the progress we’ve made as a country and the work I’m doing in Congress to improve the lives of my constituents

Spring is almost here in Washington. That means warmer temperatures and the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, which is quite beautiful and draws folks from all over the country. As we all look forward to flowers blooming and hope for more rain at home, I’m pleased to once again report back to you about what I

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope this note finds you happy and healthy. I wanted to share a few thoughts with you as I look forward to working for you in the coming year. State of the Union Along with many of you, I watched President Obama give his State of the Union speech

Dear friends, With the holidays upon us and the end of 2014 fast approaching, I wanted to update you on what I’ve been up to and make sure we stay in touch heading into the new year and new Congress. Our Victory Because of your support and encouragement, I’ll be heading back to Washington for

Hello – I hope this message finds you and your family doing well. Labor Day and back to school are now behind us, and we’re just a few short weeks away from Election Day. I’m working hard both in Washington and at home to do what’s right for you and for our nation. I’m also

I’m writing to you this month from home in California. I’m looking forward to spending the next month traveling around our area to hear from you directly about the issues that you care about. In the meantime, here’s an update on what I have been working on: As you may know, veterans issues are a

Over the past few weeks, I have continued to focus on the issues that matter to you, like honoring our veterans, improving public safety, and protecting our natural resources.

Just a few weeks ago, I sent a letter to President Obama asking him to create a new federal task force to address the economic challenges faced by communities in the San Joaquin Valley.

A few weeks ago, I was excited to file my reelection paperwork for California’s Ninth Congressional District.  With your help, I will keep fighting for what’s right for you, for our district, and for our country. I’ve been hard at work on the issues that matter, and I’ll be sending you email updates like this