About Jerry

Jerry McNerney and Son Captain Michael McNerney


Jerry McNerney, small businessman and renewable energy engineer, was inspired to run for Congress by his son Michael, who joined the Air Force after 9/11. Michael called his Dad after receiving his absentee ballot and saw that no one was running against the incumbent at the time. “Dad,” Michael said. “People should have a choice. I’m serving our country and you can serve our country as well by running for Congress.”

At the time, Jerry was hard at work starting a renewable energy company. As a small business owner and father, Jerry knows how much of a struggle it can be to make ends meet during difficult times, and at one point took out a second mortgage to pay for his children’s college education.  He has experienced extended times of unemployment and understands what it is like to worry about providing for your family in these difficult economic times.

Jerry took Michael’s words to heart and knew if he was elected, he would serve as an independent voice who understands what it’s like to make ends meet in good times and bad. With his family’s support, Jerry began his journey to serve as the representative for the 9th Congressional District. Thousands of people joined his efforts and helped him to victory. Thanks to everyone’s hard work and support, he was sworn into office on January 4, 2007.

During these tough times, and with so many families struggling, Jerry knows that it’s wrong for Congress or big corporations to benefit at our expense.  He has  voted against pay raises for members of Congress and he wrote the bill to close tax loopholes used by corporations to ship American jobs overseas. He’ll keep working hard to bring new jobs to our area.

House Committees

Jerry is a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, where he is working to combat climate change and ensure a clean energy future for our country.  As the only renewable energy expert in Congress, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Washington.  Jerry has a PhD in mathematics and spent over two decades developing renewable energy technologies. He is the author of three major bills passed by the House of Representatives that will help train the next generation for green jobs, increase the efficiency of our electrical grid, and invest in infrastructure for electric vehicles. He is also the co-author of a bill to help spur local manufacturing of these cars.

Jerry is committed to serving the area he represents and Jerry is home every weekend to hear directly from people about their thoughts and ideas.. He works tirelessly to help create jobs, improve benefits for veterans and current service members, and stand up for what’s right for our region, including balancing our budget while preserving Social Security and Medicare.