Sacramento DeltaThe farmers of our region and across California depend on ample supplies of healthy water for their crops.  I am fighting for local water rights and to make sure that farmers from our area have a seat at the table as decisions are made about the future of California’s water supply.  I’ve also brought back funding for projects that are recharging the groundwater basin, shoring up local levees, and expanding water supplies.

Our area has a long and proud agricultural tradition, and I’ll keep fighting for California’s family farmers. I have been fighting against any project that would produce a canal that would ship more of our water to southern California. There are many families, farmers and small business owners who rely upon a healthy Delta for their livelihoods.

I’ll keep fighting for California’s family farmers.

I strongly oppose any plan that would divert water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to south-of-Delta users, costing countless jobs and billions of dollars.  The Delta is the most robust estuary west of the Mississippi River, and our region depends on that healthy Delta and the clean water it supplies.