mcnerney-immigration-270x156America has a long and proud history of welcoming immigrants to our shores, but the illegal flow of people to our country has become a serious problem.  We need an immigration policy that is firm, fair, and practical.  Rather than playing politics with the issue, we need reform that actually seeks to solve the problem.

We need an immigration policy that is firm, fair, and practical.

We should improve enforcement and strengthen penalties for employers and contractors who knowingly hire undocumented workers, manage seasonal labor programs for local agriculture effectively, and develop a stronger system to monitor and crack down on illegal trafficking at our borders.  We need to create a system to given legal status to the immigrants already in our country and establish a tough but clear and humanitarian path to citizenship with a goal of keeping families together.

Every country has a responsibility to secure its borders and we need sufficient funding for our border patrol and investment in surveillance and enforcement technology.  Violence caused by the drug and gun trade is also threatening the safety of communities along the border, a problem we must address.   I support securing our borders and making sure our law enforcement personnel are equipped with the resources they need to achieve this goal.